Spelling Sets


Here is a link to a PDF of two templates: Spelling Set boards A and B.
The PDF also includes a sample of the checklists my students use to keep track of which sets they have done (one checklist per student for each level).

Here’s how I made my boards:
1. I bought small whiteboards (20 x 30 cm.) that I purchased at Daiso 100 yen shop.
2. I printed the templates out on ‘free cut’ label paper. This is paper that has a backing that gets peeled off to reveal an adhesive side.
3. I cut the paper to fit my boards, peeled the backing off and applied it to the boards. (I put A on one side of each board, and B on the other side.) It was a bit fussy getting them smooth and square, but worth the trouble. The boards have served me well for a few years already.
To make the Spelling Set boards last even longer, you can laminate the sheets after printing—but before cutting and peeling. After laminating, cut the sheet to fit your board. The label paper backing will then easily peel off all in one piece.

To review:
Print → laminate (optional) → cut to fit the boards → stick ’em on!

Click here to go to the PDFs:
Spelling Sets PDF