Six Great Games


Here are six unique games for teaching/learning and practicing various English language targets.

Adjective Order Strips
Players have fun practicing natural adjective order—for example, “a big red car” rather than “a red big car.” Simple reading is required.

Grammar 9-Square
Players practice the third-person singular ‘s’ (I sit – You sit – She sits) while they solve a deceptively simple nine-piece puzzle.

Grammar Sets
Players build sentences to describe images, using their grammar knowledge to build grammar structures they know, and their powers of observation to learn new ones!

Players practice basic phonics by building and decoding long strings of letters in an alternating consonant-vowel pattern.

Spelling Sets
Players use their phonics knowledge to spell out words that match images. There is no failure in this activity, only “not yet—try again.”

Players have fun decoding three-letter C-V-Cs for early phonics training.
(C-V-C = consonant-vowel-consonant)

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