Using Disney’s “Frozen” in the Classroom


I have been using Disney’s movie “Frozen” in my classroom with students from fifth grade through adults. They all love these classes! (So do I.)
Below are links to PDFs of the worksheets and activities I have created to leverage the movie as a tool of language learning. If it is not clear how to use them, feel free to write any questions you have in the comments section.
You may also want to see the notes from a presentation I gave on using movies in general—not just Frozen—in the classroom. You can find it here.
Have fun!

Script (B5 paper):
Frozen script PDF

Song Exercises (A4 paper):
Frozen – songs PDF

Synopses (A4 paper):
Frozen – synposes PDF

grammar-based Q&A sheets (A4 paper):
Frozen – Q&A PDF

Tips (A4 paper):
Frozen – tips (PDF)

Teacher’s checklist (B5 paper):
teacher’s checklist PDF

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