Potluck is a puzzle game in which players exchange tiles with each other in order to acquire a set. The concept is very adaptable to a wide range of targets and levels of difficulties.
Here is the link to the PDF of three sets I made: a blue set, a gray set, and a green set. You are welcome to print them out and use them for your own classes. But I encourage you to make sets of your own to fit the size of your classes and the needs of your students.

The simplest way to make the physical pieces (tiles) is to print out a page with a set, then cut along the black guide lines and through the very middle of the color borders. See “How to Make Puzzles” to learn how to make these tiles in a more durable, more tactile-friendly, and easier-to-handle form.

— One set is used per game. As you can see in the sets I have provided, each set consists of several pre-formed sentences. Each sentence is divided into pieces (words or phrases), each on a separate tile, as well as having an image tile associated with it.
— The tiles are placed, face down, in the middle of the playing table. Calculate the number of tiles divided by the number of players, and have each player take that many tiles. (So all tiles will be taken, with each player having the same number.)
— Each player looks at their tiles and decides which ones they don’t need in order to make a set. They discard the ones they don’t want back into the center of the table (the “pot”) face down. However many tiles a player discards, they take that many from the tiles that have been discarded by other players. Each player continues discarding unwanted tiles and drawing new tiles from the pot until they have a set, including the image.
ALTERNATE RULES: Instead of discarding unwanted tiles into the center at will, at a given signal each player passes one tile to the player on their left, as in “Old Maid” or “Babanuki.

Here is the PDF of the three sets mentioned above:  Potluck PDF


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